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In this case study, Pizza Hut combined geo-fencing and SMS text marketing over a 15 month period. During this time, they set up geo-fence.
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By texting your keyword, consumers are indicating they would like to be engaged via text message. Further, the conversion rates of SMS far out-pace those of other marketing channels, such as e-mail for example. Consider your own consumer experience. Chances are high that you have hundreds if not thousands of unread business-to-consumer e-mails right now, but in contrast, how many unread text messages do you have?

Whether you would like to send your customers coupons and offers, new product announcements, or event reminders, using SMS to deliver that content is one of the only methods of ensuring your message is being received.

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Still unsure? Have specific questions you would like help addressing? Feel free to give us a call today for a no-obligation consultation, or visit our website for a hassle free chat with one of our Client Service Reps! If you feel like your business Facebook Fan Reach is declining, you aren't crazy. Over the course of , we've heard from many clients that their Facebook posts are having less impact. The change is a result of Facebook's Algorithm update. You're not alone as your frustration is shared by many businesses who spent considerable money on Facebook ads, and considerable time on content for their posts.

Facebook's Organic Reach Continues to Decline At a time when organic reach on Facebook is dropping see above , the sheer volume of Business Pages, likes, and posts is intensifying.

The Future of Text Message Marketing: RCS Business Messaging

To think in logical terms, there is only so much time in one's day to devote to reading a Facebook Feed. People simply can't keep up and the statistics in the chart above reflect this reality.

Your Facebook Fan Reach is declining. To put in perspective, the Edgerankchecker table below reflects the impact of these algorithm changes from to Facebook Algorithm Change impact from to One of the most entertaining, if not poignant, stories written about the Facebook Algorithm Impact on Facebook Business Pages was posted by Eat The folks at Eat24 took a stand in protest, and deleted their 70, Like-Facebook Page. If you haven't heard about their infamous "Facebook Break-Up Letter" and want to check it out you can do so by clicking here.

If you're like me, you don't know of anyone with any unread text messages. Want to ensure your most critical Facebook posts are actually seen? Why not include the link to the Facebook post in your text message to your most loyal customers? If you're only beginning to look at SMS Marketing Software providers, it might surprise you to know just how many 'newcomers' are popping up throughout our industry. At Text2VIP, we believe support and longevity are both a critical keystone when selecting a text marketing platform.

Building your text club database is a marathon, not a sprint. It's important that this effort is built upon a solid foundation, not a here-today-gone-tomorrow start up. With locations in over 30 states, this specialty retail franchise features premium brand name apparel in a fun and energetic environment.

Which is better: short code numbers or long code numbers?

These text blasts inform customers of new inventory, styles, and periodic sale events. For fans of the brand, there is no easier way to stay connected to their local Apricot Lane retailer. More details on the partnership announcement can be found by clicking here. Delicious pizza is never a secret at Greek's Pizza locations throughout the Midwest. Some of the details of the success of their program was picked up in the media.

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It was decided that the offer would be for a Large Pizza at a discounted price and only be valid for a 48 hour period. Recently, a south Florida journalist was surveying businesses using text marketing in her area in preparation for a business news column. In conducting her interviews, one of the data points the columnist quickly concluded, was that nearly every business she polled was using the Text2VIP SMS Platform. From comedy clubs to quick service restaurant franchises, the refrain was unanimous; the use of text message marketing is as prevalent as it is relevant and effective.

Some of our clients interviewed for the article shared their experience using text marketing as an effective marketing tool. Their candid opinions spoke to the immediacy and impact they believe their text blasts are achieving.

For Text2VIP clients in the brick-and-mortar world, it's not at all uncommon to witness the response on the part of guests or customers when a text offer has been sent. In fact, we've had some of our text marketing clients mention that it's almost comical how quickly their consumers will respond at times. For those clients who conduct their transactions via their website, however, the effect is not always quite so obvious.

When we were curious to further explore our ability to affect traffic for our e-commerce clients, we partnered with an independent analytics firm. RMG Mall Media runs multiple text-to-win programs simultaneously by creating separate trackable keywords. Using a creative raffle campaign, the Napa Valley Wine Train collects over 8, subscribers in just a few months. The Teen Project connects homeless and abused children with over 17, shelters through keywords.

Case Studies: SMS Marketing Strategy Boosts Sales by 98%

Super One Foods implements digital coupon with a redemption rate 9. Attic produces a month's revenue in just 3 days by promoting their Black Friday deals with a new mobile keyword. Gospel Truth Magazine collects over 10, contacts in a month, to which they send promotions and alerts.

Using a text-to-vote campaign, the Mustang Heritage Foundation let event goers vote for their favorite mustang.

Mobile Text Alerts Case Studies

Hospitality Omni Dallas Hotel used Trumpia to keep employees safe and informed during the Dallas police shooting. Automotive Hankook Tires uses text to seamlessly coordinate shipments between their delivery drivers and customers. SMS marketing. A loved and noteworthy brand among kids and adults alike, Chuck E.

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With over locations, Chuck E. Instead of relying on their pen and paper sign-up sheet, patrons were prompted to text their email address to the shortcode and join the Email Club. When it comes to SMS marketing mastery, this automated video rental service is queen. During the holiday season, Redbox relied on the effectiveness of SMS to increase their Instagram followers by sending a link via SMS with the lure of finding out a special discount code.

During the ten days leading up to the holidays, Redbox encouraged customers to text DEALS to the shortcode for the chance to save between. Within just 10 days, , different customers participated in the campaign, producing over 1.