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Sample Dissertations. Below are selected titles of dissertations from graduates of the Concentration in Health Economics and Policy. Impact of Prescription Drug.
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Laura Villalobos-Fiatt "Essays on forest conservation policies, weather and school attendance". Andrea Martinangeli "Bitter divisions: inequality, identity and cooperation". Joakim Ruist : Immigration, Work, and Welfare.

Health Economics

Andreas Kotsadam : Gender, Work, and Attitudes. Fredrik W. Andersson : Essays on Social Comparison. Florin G. Conny Wollbrant : Self-Control and Altruism. Johansson, Anders C. Essays on the Skill Premium. Four Essays on the Measurement of Productive Efficiency. Welfare Environment and Tourism in Developing Countries. Efficiency and Productivity in Swedish Banking.

Essays on Immigrants' Economic Integration. Water and Health in Egypt: An empirical analysis. Essays on Capital Structure and Trade Financing. Analysis of Mining Investments in Zimbabwe. On Monetary Integration and Macroeconomic Policy. Aspects of Macroeconomic Saving. Essays on Earnings and Human Capital in Kenya. On Institutions, Economic Growth and the Environment. Environmental Taxation - Empirical and theoretical applications. Wu, Hong : Essays on Insurance Economics. Nivorozhkin, Eugene : Essays on Capital Structure. Meuller, Lars : Essays on Money and Credit. Olsson, Ola : Perspectives on Knowledge and Growth.

Carlsson, Fredrik 90 : Essays on Externalities and Transport. Kadenge, Phineas 88 : Essays on Macroeconomic Adjustment in Zimbabwe: Inflation, money demand, and the real exchange rate.

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Mwansa, Ladslous 86 : Determinants of Inflation in Zambia. Johansson, Olof 63 : Welfare, Externalities, and Taxation: Theory and some road transport applications. Mabugu, Ramos E. Waseem, Mazhar Essays on taxation in limited tax capacity environment. Brockmeyer, Anne Essays on business taxation and development. Fornaro, Luca Essays on monetary and exchange rate policy in financially fragile economies. Yazaki, Yukihiro Essays on policy-making incentives of government.

Sanches, Fabio Miessi Essays on estimation of dynamic games. Ahnert, Toni Essays on financial crises, contagion and macro-prudential regulation. Boehm, Michael Johannes Three essays on the allocation of talent.

Health Economics

Natraj, Ashwini Essays on archaic institutions and modern technology. Siegel, Christian Essays in macroeconomics. Mitchell, Tara Essays on the importance of access to information in developing countries. Damas de Matos, Ana Sofia The labour market integration of immigrants and their children. Thawornkaiwong, Supachoke Statistical inference on linear and partly linear regression with spatial dependence: parametric and nonparametric approaches. Vanden Eynde, Oliver Three essays on political economy and economic development.

Lembcke, Alexander Essays in labor economics. Vernazza, Daniel Essays on the causes of migration.

Lisicky, Milan Essays on the macroeconomic impact of trade and monetary policy. Miner, Luke Essays on the role of the internet in development and political change. Bracke, Philippe Prices, rents, and homeownership: three essays on housing markets. Hansen, James Distortions in financial markets and monetary policy. Contreary, Kara Alette Essays on information and career concerns in organizations. Long, Iain William Essays on the economics of crime. Lee, Jungyoon Non-parametric methods under cross-sectional dependence. Schelkle, Thomas Topics in macroeconomics: mortgage default, demographic change and factor misallocation.

Ortego Marti, Victor Unemployment history and frictional wage dispersion in search models of the labor market. Chen, Jiaqian Essays on financial frictions: China and rest of the world. Locarno, Alberto Learning, monetary policy and asset prices. Goujard, Antoine Essays on labor economics and public finance.

Ko, Giovanni Competition, conflict and institutions: three essays in applied microeconomic theory. Domingues, Gabriela Bertol Essays on incentives and risk-taking in the fund industry.

Doctoral Theses

Vega, Hugo Essays in applied macroeconomic theory: volatility, spreads, and unconventional monetary policy tools. Tacharoen, Kitjawat Essays on effects of skill mix on productivity and determinants of foreign ownership in developing countries. Ungerer, Christoph Essays on markets with frictions: applications to the housing, labour and financial markets.

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Szerman, Dimitri Public procurement auctions in Brazil. Zhang, Qi The Balassa-Samuelson relationship: theory, evidence and implications. Ishihara, Akifumi Essays on relational contracts.

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Ferman, Marcelo A macro-finance approach to the term structure of interest rates. Metzger, Daniel Human capital and decision making within the firm. Cunningham, Thomas Essays on thresholds and on relative thinking. Rodano, Giacomo Inequality, bankruptcy and the macroeconomy.

Gulesci, Selim Poverty, occupational choice and social networks: essays in development economics. Moreno de Barreda, Ines Essays in applied economic theory. Kucuk Tuger, Hande Essays on international portfolio allocation and risk sharing. Barany, Zsofia Luca Essays on the macroeconomics of inequality. Foote, Elizabeth Ellen Essays in financial intermediation and banking. Burchardi, Konrad Burchard Three essays in applied microeconomics. Rossi, Francesca Improved tests for spatial autoregressions. Stein, Daniel Rainfall index insurance in India.

Perez-Kakabadse, H. Alonso Consumption and saving behaviour under uncertainty with unorthodox preferences.