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The psychopath: An essay on the criminal mind, (An Insight book, no. 18) [William Maxwell McCord, Joan McCord] on *FREE* shipping on.
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United States: 20th Century Fox. Web: A valuable online resource containing information of various types including detailed reference lists is Dr. Hare i the person who created the PCL-R. It has a number of interesting articles to read as well as helpful psychopathy links from about the web. Web: The Aftermath Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides information and support for victims and family members of psychopathic individuals.

This is the major research hub for psychopathy. It has a section specifically for students that might prove especially interesting. Compare and contrast differing inventories currently in use for assessing psychopathy in differing samples e.

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Become familiar with the Triarchic model of psychopathy and its constituent constructs of boldness, meanness, and disinhibition. Learn about alternative theories regarding the causal origins of psychopathy. Consider how longstanding matters of debate regarding the nature, definition, and origins of psychopathy can be addressed from the perspective of the Triarchic model. Introduction Popular media have developed the character of the psychopath into a popular genre. Historic Conceptions Early writers characterized psychopathy as an atypical form of mental illness in which rational faculties appeared normal but everyday behavior and social relationships are markedly disrupted.

Contemporary Assessment Methods Modern approaches to the assessment of psychopathy, consisting of rating instruments and self-report scales, reflect the foregoing historic conceptions to differing degrees. Psychopathy in adult criminal offenders The most widely used instrument for diagnosing psychopathy in correctional and forensic settings is the Psychopathy Checklist-Revised PCL-R; Hare, , which comprises 20 items rated on the basis of interview and file-record information.

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  • Psychopathy in noncriminal adults One of the key factors that the Psychopathic Personality Inventory PPI aims to assess is something called Fearless Dominance which includes social potency, immunity to stress, and lack of normal levels of fear. Psychopathy in child and adolescent clinical samples Different inventories exist for assessing psychopathic tendencies in children and adolescents. Core Ingredients of psychopathy: disinhibition, boldness, and meanness The foregoing material highlights the fact that historic conceptions of psychopathy and available instruments for assessing it place differing emphasis on different symptomatic features.

    Definitions Cruelty and lack of empathy are tendencies found in those with psychopathic personality. Table 1. Causal factors Considerable research has been devoted over many years to investigation of causal factors in psychopathy.

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    Triarchic model perspective on long-debated issues regarding psychopathy As highlighted in the foregoing sections, scholars have grappled with issues of definition since psychopathy was first identified as a condition of clinical concern, and questions regarding its essential features and alternative expressions continue to be debated and studied. Robert Hare's "Without Conscience". The Mask of Sanity by Hervey Cleckley. Aftermath: Surviving Psychopathy Foundation. Society for the Scientific Study of Psychopathy. Identify and define the three facet constructs of the Triarchic model of psychopathy.

    Discuss how U. President Teddy Roosevelt and fictional character Anton Chigurh from the film No Country for Old Men might compare in terms of scores on the three Triarchic constructs. Identify alternative types of theories that have been proposed regarding the cause of psychopathy, and how these can be viewed from the perspective of the Triarchic model. Defined by specific symptoms of behavioral deviancy in childhood e.

    Triarchic model Model formulated to reconcile alternative historic conceptions of psychopathy and differing methods for assessing it. References American Psychiatric Association. Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders: DSM Washington, D. C: American Psychiatric Association. American Psychiatric Association. Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders 4th ed. Washington, DC: Author. Benning, S.

    Psychopathy, startle blink modulation, and electrodermal reactivity in twin men. Psychophysiology, 42 , Estimating facets of psychopathy from normal personality traits: A step toward community-epidemiological investigations. Assessment, 12 , 3— Blonigen, D.

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