Human services ethics dissertation

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Human Services Ethics Dissertation

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Ethics and Legislation

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For more information: University of the Rockies. Students interested in a human services doctorate online will want to consider the University of Connecticut. This is a degree that focuses on research and implementation of policy in order to better serve underserved communities. It is a rare degree in America and therefore highlights original research and community service as the program hallmarks.

Human services ethics dissertation

Each student will have to choose a research area to specialize in; these can include Diversity and Culture, Lifespan Human Development, and Basic and Applied Research. Students can expect to complete 60 credit hours of coursework, including research courses, as well as a comprehensive written and oral exam; a dissertation is also required. Some students, depending on their previous educational background, may be required to take on a practicum. This is determined on a case-by-case basis. For more information: University of Connecticut. Capella University offers a professionally aligned online Ph.

This percent online degree comes with three specializations: Social and Community Services, Nonprofit Management and Leadership, and Multidisciplinary Human Services.

Capella also makes it possible for students to earn the Doctor of Human Services, a leadership degree aimed at preparing professionals for high-level management positions within the human services field. The degree requires 60 credit hours of coursework beyond the master's degree level, a research paper, a comprehensive exam, and a dissertation. Research papers are decided by the student and their mentor but must stay within the realm of human services. For more information: Capella University. Montclair State University confers the multi-disciplinary human services online Ph. This hybrid program requires two in-residence weekends for all students; the rest of the program is conferred online via synchronous and asynchronous courses.

It is a research-based degree that relies heavily on original research. Students will also find that unlike many other doctoral programs in this field, the Montclair degree requires an understanding of a vast number of disciplines; this includes a variety of electives carrying a requirement to be obtained outside of the department. Students can expect to complete 48 semester hours of coursework, include research and core curriculum requirements, a research project, a comprehensive exam, and a dissertation.

For more information: Montclair State University. Students interested in the online Ph.


This program has more than a dozen specializations, some of which include Community Intervention and Leadership, Conflict Management and Negotiation, and Human Services Nonprofit Administration. It is possible to also tailor a program of study independently, however, this option is not available for fast-tracking.

Students without a master's degree can also take on this degree; however, they will have to complete an additional 36 credit hours of coursework in order to earn their master's degree in the process. The accelerated option requires 72 credit hours of coursework, a research project, a comprehensive written exam, and a dissertation.

For more information: Walden University. The University of Kentucky confers a Ph. This hybrid program requires an annual weekend residency on campus with all other coursework being completed online. Students who take on this degree can choose from four specializations, including Aging, Family Process, Adolescent Development, and Family Finance and Economics.

Students can also choose to pursue the doctorate in a part-time or half-time format, an option that the university makes available for working professionals.


Students will be required to complete 36 credit hours of coursework, a portfolio that includes research, a comprehensive exam, and a dissertation. For more information: University of Kentucky. The human services Ph. This hybrid program enables students to take a short core curriculum and then create their own doctoral program based on their career ambitions. Students will graduate with the ability to work in both the public and private sectors in a variety of different careers.

With the guidance of a nationally renown staff, students will march through their education with an online staff and faculty that is ready to support them the whole way.

Doctoral students increase the potential to receive Institutional Review Board approval by avoiding research involving classes that receive additional HHS protections. Inaccurate or biased data interpretation alters the outcome and creates a violation of ethics. A researcher must guard against the fraudulent practice of modifying, falsifying, or concealing findings to change the result of the study to align with predetermined research goals, or for any other reason. An essential ethical consideration is the anonymity, or at a minimum confidentiality, of the participants.

Coding removes personal identifiers, allowing the participants to maintain their right to privacy. Researchers must guard against writing with biased language, such as placing insensitive labels upon people groups or singling out people due to age, ethnicity, or gender.

Taking authorship of the writings of others is unethical. Writing a dissertation will require numerous supporting journal articles from peer-reviewed authors. Learning the process of properly citing other authors removes the potential to commit plagiarism. The findings and the details of the research should be disseminated in such a way that promotes accountability, authenticity, and accuracy.

Doctoral research holds ethical dilemmas for researchers. The ethical treatment of participants includes protection and privacy. The researcher should commit to research of integrity and high ethics, allowing the data to dictate the findings as opposed to personal opinions or biases.

Ethical Considerations in Writing a Dissertation

As with many aspects of dissertation writing, maintain ethical standards oftentimes requires outside assistance to ensure compliance. Prior to allowing an ethical violation from destroying the research, seek the advice of a competent doctoral coach that recognizes and understands the ethical considerations associated with the study. Email address:.