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(September ) (Learn how and when to remove this template message). Project Grudge was a short-lived project by the U.S. Air Force to investigate unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Grudge succeeded Project Sign in February, , and was then followed by Project Blue Book. Like Project Sign, Grudge thought that the vast bulk of UFO reports could be.
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Credit: U. Patrick Harrower. Matt McGovern. The object then suddenly began to climb nearly straight up until it reached an estimated feet and leveled off. By now the sergeant was also watching the object. He asked the private to call the Airborne Air Control Operations Officer while he continued to observe the object. The sergeant says soon after the private went to make the call, the object shot up quickly to the south-southeast until it reached about 20, feet. He then lost sight of it. The airmen had been able to view the object using 8-power binoculars, and described the object as a circular light between one and two feet in diameter.

The object could be seen with the naked eye, as the light was bright, but not blinding. The private was certain that it was not a navigational light from an aircraft. Neither of the witnesses heard the object making any sound. Nor did they see any sort of trail left by it.

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It was a clear night, and the tower instruments indicated there was a 10 mile per hour wind blowing to the southwest. The two control tower operators were the only witnesses of the UFO and the object was not caught on radar.

The Air Force investigators looked into the backgrounds of the two witnesses in order to establish their credibility. It was also noted that their normal duties required them to know colors, estimate the speed of moving aircraft, and estimate size and distance. Having established the credibility of the airmen, investigators then looked to the object. They found there had been a launch 35 to 45 minutes prior to the sightings.

However, the balloon could no longer be seen from the base 10 minutes after it was launched. A meteorological assessment was also completed. The object was first compared to a fireball. It was noted that even trained observers can be fooled by fireballs. Often fireballs are reported to have fallen nearby when in actuality they are hundreds of miles away.

Project BLUE BOOK - Unidentified Flying Objects

However, experts noted the object made no sound and did not leave a trail. The sighting seemed to garner extra scrutiny, as did all of the unidentified cases. One of the files in the report is a relaying of the events from the witness that was a private to Major Arthur Conradi Jr. Pope goes on to talk about billionaire and UFO conspiracy believer Robert Bigelow, whose aerospace company builds modules for the space station. He wants others to believe too. Got it?

The Report on UFO's - Part 9: The New Project Grudge

Tom DeLonge of rock group Link is also a believer, and he created the To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science where they seem to work in conjunction with the AATIP team to accumulate reports of UFO sightings, interview people involved and collect all the data before the government arrives and silences everyone. Oh, yeah, a little bit.

Air Force UFO files land on Internet

Which is too bad, because Pope brings up some really interesting questions and while the film might not actually mention the NY Times article until almost 50min into a 66min movie, there are some curious incidents that are hard to explain. Pope talks about this possibility too, kind of blowing the lid off our great and nefarious plot. Thanks for reading this, puny human. My friends from Planet Znigthar will be showing up any day now…. Your email address will not be published.

Majestic 12 And The Secret Government

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