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Russian Revolution VS. French Revolution Essay, Research Paper. The Russian Revolution () and the French Revolution () were very.
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Enlightenment stressed the idea of natural rights and equality for all citizens.

How Did the American Revolution Influence the French Revolution?

The ideas of the enlightenment flowed from Europe to the North American continent and sparked a revolution that made enlightened thought all the more popular back across the Atlantic. The French who had direct contact with the Americans were able to successfully implement Enlightenment ideas into a new political system. Much like the American document, the French declaration included Enlightenment philosophies, such as equal rights and popular sovereignty.

The French people saw that a revolt could be successful — even against a major military power — and lasting change was possible. Many experts argue that this gave them the motivation to rebel. The newly-formed government of the United States also became a model for French reformers. Or was it an incitement to political revolution? To what extent was this true and how did it affect the outcomes of the revolution?

What do they reveal about his commitment to reform? What was contained in the October Manifesto and what impact did this document have on the progress of the Revolution? Compare and evaluate the contribution of the Bolsheviks, Mensheviks and the Socialist-Revolutionaries to the Revolution. What lessons do you think were learned by the Russian revolutionaries from ? Explain how tsarist chief minister Piotr Stolypin responded to the events of How successful were these responses in reestablishing tsarist authority?

Explore the activities and the role of the first three Dumas between and To what extent were these bodies effective or influential? Examine the effectiveness and popularity of the tsarist government between and How and why did the outbreak of World War I impact on tsarist authority? Discuss the actions of Grigori Rasputin between and How did Rasputin contribute to revolutionary sentiment in the build-up to February ?

Discuss the role played by the fourth Duma and its Provisional Committee in the development of the February Revolution and the overthrow of tsarism. Did Nicholas II contribute to his own doom — or was he a victim of circumstance?

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Describe the political, economic and social impact that World War I had on Russia and its people, with a particular focus on the year Explain how errors of judgement and mismanagement by the tsar and tsarina in February contributed to the overthrow of tsarism. Discuss the role of propaganda and public perception in bringing down tsarism in February Refer to at least three specific pieces of propaganda. Was this really the case?

The Two October Revolution : Anarchist essay on the Lessons of the

Which people and groups were responsible for the revolution? Evaluate this statement, referring specifically to the actions of the tsar and his advisors.

Discuss the composition, support and political legitimacy of the Provisional Government in March Did this government have a greater mandate to rule than the tsarist regime it replaced? Examine the political career and rise to prominence of Alexander Kerensky. To what extent was Kerensky a socialist, both before and during his service in the Provisional Govechallenges3.

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  4. Give reasons for the political instability of the Provisional Government through the middle of What were the eventual outcomes of this instability? Describe the role of the Military Revolutionary Committee in overthrowing the Provisional Government. Was the overthrow of the Provisional Government in October a Bolshevik-engineered coup or a popular revolution? Why has the Bolshevik capture of the Winter Palace become an iconic moment of the Russian Revolution?

    Russian Revolution of

    Is the significance of this event justified? The Age of the Democratic Revolution is, of course, the general title of the twovolume comprehensive history of the French Revolutionary era by Palmer , Robert R. Princeton , , which has as yet no single parallel dealing with the Russian case. His chronological frame will apparently also be that of the popular history being prepared by the Institute of History of the Soviet Academy of Science , Istoriia velikpi oktiabr' skoi sotsialisticheskoi revoliutsii [History of the Great October Socialist Revolution], as announced and described in Novye Knigi , No.

    The new six-volume documentary collection Velikaia oktiabr'skaia sotsialisticheskaia revoliutsiia. Dokumenty i materialy [The Great October Socialist Revolution: Documents and Materials], prepared by the Academy Moscow — , begins with the overthrow of Imperial power in February and ends with the coup in October. Curtiss , John S. According to this view, the Revolution of , for instance, although physically widespread was only a series of parochial revolutions, judged by both regional focus and class interest, whereas the English Revolution of the seventeenth century was, for all its confinement to a small region, universal in both its aspirations for reform and its social inclusiveness.

    Onu's work considers both the generalizations of Western sociologists and the special histories and controversies written up to by specialists of the Russian Revolution. For other attempts to compare major revolutions see Brinton's , Crane Anatomy of Revolution New York and Karsavin's work cited here in n. Paris ; and Deutscher , Isaac in Russia in Transition , rev. Doroshev who, however, applies the latter term only to the October Revolution as the most important event of human history; see his introduction to the symposium which he edited under the title Vsemirno-istoricheskoe znachenie velikoi oktiabr'skoi sotsialisticheskoi revoliutsii [The World-Historical Significance of the Great October Socialist Revolution] Moscow , 3.

    The — framework is used by Chamberlin , William Henry in his two-volume History of the Russian Revolution New York , which is still in many ways the best comprehensive narrative of events during the period. Deutscher also uses as the cutoff point in his The Prophet Armed London , the second half of which remains one of the most successful and vivid attempts to tell the story of the Bolshevik accession to power through the career of one of its leaders. Among many interesting Soviet collections, see that of contemporary Western diplomatic dispatches interpreting to their governments the events leading up to the October Revolution, in Krasny Arkhiv , XXIV , —63 ; for an overall bibliographical guide to documentary publications, see Gorodetsky , E.

    See Anderson , Paul H. Just as the production of Sergei Eisenstein's famous film Potemkin in for the twentieth anniversary of the Revolution of provided a kind of anticipatory model for the cinematic tributes that accompanied the celebration in of the tenth anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution, so the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the Revolution of in helped precipitate a dramatic increase in historical and documentary collections.

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    Both the two volumes edited by a committee under the late Pankratova , Anna M. Dokumenty i materialy [The Revolution of — Documents and Materials] Moscow - , twelve volumes at this writing, have provided the physical model for and exceeded the length of comparable volumes begun slightly later in connection with the fortieth anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution referenced in n. Another new collection of relevant documentary material from a quite different perspective is the three-volume work The Russian Provisional Government, ; Documents , edited by Browder , Robert P.

    Stanford Lavish praise and festivities in honor of the October Revolution have continued in China unaffected by the acute Sino-Soviet conflict of recent times, or by Chinese denigration of Russian historical experience generally. For a series of Soviet statements on the impact and significance of the October Revolution in the Orient, made in connection with celebrations of the thirtieth anniversary of the Revolution in just before the final success of the Chinese Revolution became apparent , see Ivar and Spector , Marion , Readings in Russian History and Culture Boston , — This experience was later demonstrated beyond its boundaries as well.