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Damage does occur in the cryonic suspension process, but there are sound reasons to believe A prescient essay discussing the potential of nanotechnology for cryonics applications .. 9), “Pro/con ethics debate: When is dead really dead?.
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There are two main groups of gene therapy and they are germ line gene therapy and somatic gene therapy Baksh, Germ line therapy consists of germ cells.


What is Gene Therapy and what is it used for? Gene therapy otherwise known as somatic gene therapy or therapeutic gene therapy is a process that is used to correct defective genes responsible for development of various diseases.

As it suggests, somatic gene therapy is correcting the faulty genes of normal body cells. Germ line therapy. Would you consider altering your DNA if it could save your life?


Scientist have been working on gene therapy since the 's, this biotechnological form of medicine is the attempt to medically modify cells to help eliminate or prevent diseases by correcting defective genes. Imagine the possibilities of having your DNA tested for heritable diseases and being able to eliminate such diseases from your future. Human gene therapy Gene therapy is a technique used in attempts to cure or prevent genetic diseases at the molecular level basically at the source by correcting what is wrong with defective genes, a good version of the defective gene is introduced into the existing cells.

This technique is still considered experimental, only being done through clinical trials. This source, MentalHelp, credible because they research about mental health and is not biased. In Mental Illness May Be In Your Genes it talks about genetic factors, but genetics is not the whole story and talks about how meteorological factors also have an impact into causing depression.

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Pros of Cryogenics:. There are many positive things about cryogenics but these are only a few. First I would say that one of the major pros is that you would be expanding your lifespan, duh! Next up there is the fact about your money, have you thought about that?

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Oh and did I mention you can wake up like a superhero? The pros about just freezing your head are that it costs less, easier to store, and easier to preserve. Cons of Cryogenics:. It seems that for every good thing about cryogenics there are two bad. Then when you wake up your family will probably be long gone, all you will have will be great grandchildren, maybe. Do you cry at funerals? Well guess what no one will at yours! Even if they will have a cure to your terminal illness, death of age etcetera. I hope this article has helped you understand the pros and cons about cryogenics so that if you were considering it you will think through it again.

Check out the more advanced pros and cons of cryogenics that are throughout the internet to make sure you know what you are doing and you are prepared. Labels: Cons , cryogenics , Pros. Cryogenics: Related Websites December 17th, Be biodegraded in a biodegradable casket. Or are you a jewelry queen? Become a necklace or a diamond, you can be that bueatiful diamond!

Essay about Pros and Cons of Gene Therapy

You can even be launched into space! Have you ever been to the bodies exhibit? And some realated Articles and Blogs are: 4. Are you hoping that assisted suicide will become legal? Well you can read about the possibilities, advancements, and concerns. Saturday, February 12, Promoting Cryogenics December 15th, Maria spoke to approximately people, men and women of all ages about cryogenics. Some benefits she mentioned about cryogenics were that when you are brought back to life you could have greater strength and toughness, better reflexes, greater dimensional stability, and many more positive side effects.

Death is a neurological process that begins after the heart stops. A stopped heart only causes death if nothing is done when the heart stops. Cryonics proposes to do something. Much advancement has been made in cryogenics over the past years. Cryogenics can even be used successfully on plants, animals, just not humans. Not yet anyway. Maria included a video with the frogs actually frozen and fully recovering within 3 hours, imagine if we could do that with people. The price can vary though, depending on what kind of cryopreservation you want to have done.

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After reading about all of the benefits, advancements, and costs of cryogenics do you think you would consider it for yourself? Whether you have a terminal illness, want more time to live, or are just interested in it. I would enjoy reading your opinions about cryogenics before and after death in the comment box below. Tuesday, February 8, What is Cryogenics? December 4th, The Process. Well do you know how they are really frozen? First off the entire process takes 3 to 4 days, and some of the things used to prep them for being frozen are liquid nitrogen, liquid hydrogen, and wait for it helium.